With a smile

Some love from our Happy Clients

Pratik S.

"Jeff and Paula were the most professional and thoughtful real estate team we've ever worked with...”

“He STILL calls me to ask how it's going. Can't recommend him highly enough...”

Ted D.

“We could not have been more pleased with his work ethic and professionalism”
Arlene H.
“Both the deals went incredibly smooth and we didn't have to take much time from our busy work schedules. ”
Suvi M.
“We reside 3 hours away from Toronto and each time we needed to see him he was always available for us”
Linda B.

a perfect & happy place for a family vacation

“Jeff was considerate beyond the call of duty, sensitive to my situation and highly, highly protective of me through an exhaustive search for the right fit. ”
Ted D.
“he went far above and beyond in helping me sort out the additional details in coordinating updates and making other arrangements with the vendors.”
Brenda R



We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with The Regan Team

With the incredible support of The Regan Team, we’ll continue to offer our client-centric real estate services, now taken to new heights. Leveraging their powerful tools and resources, we’re excited about the opportunities this presents our trusted clientele of over 15+ years.

Having known Matthew Regan for over three decades, we wholeheartedly trust his exceptional leadership and vision that has created one of Canada’s top real estate teams.

Becoming part of this remarkable group of talented professionals propels us towards achieving new levels of success while continuing our legacy of making a lasting impact in the real estate industry.